Why Should an NGO Digitize in Balochistan?

Why Should an NGO Digitize in Balochistan?

Why Should an NGO Digitize in Balochistan?

Compared to humans, more mobile devices in the world take responsibility for providing easiness to humans. An average person holds at least one or two mobile devices along with themselves in daily use. That’s all because of the technological advancement that has positively impacted society.

If we take the example of Tesla and Uber, it’s considered more worthy than the general motors companies in the world. Therefore, it’s good for anyone associated with any industry or field to adapt to the technology and get into the competition.

As you read this article, you must belong to a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Balochistan. Therefore, it’s a good thing if you are planning to digitize it as you can get more investments. Digitization is a stubborn fact that brings you various positive effects that you can experience in the very few days of your life.

But wait, before getting into the idea of going into digitization, we want to provide you with all of the real-time facts and the benefits in front of you. So, it will make your decision stronger to digitize your NGO in Balochistan.


What is the Official Percentage of NGOs Digitize in Asia?

Compared to the past decade, the NGOs have started setting up a huge budget to acquire various digital tools and let the organization strive in the industry. As you are from Balochistan, the province of Pakistan, which comes in the Asian region, you need to understand how many NGOs are already working on digitizing their organization.

The estimated percentage seen in a survey concluded that around 56% of the NGOs in the Asian region have already started working on getting digitized. That’s a huge percentage, which is evolving day by day, and it may end up to 100% in a few years.

Apart from that, the percentages we have shown you in the above paragraph are the list of NGOs who also increase their budget or investments every passing year. It perfectly shows that the NGOs are interested in doing it. In other words, the NGOs are not letting any point not invest in digitization as it’s letting them upper in the race and helping them make various opportunities.

Sadly, if we talk about the NGOs in Balochistan, the majority of them don’t have an awareness of getting their NGOs Digitize in Balochistan.


What are the Drawbacks of Not Digitizing an NGO in Balochistan?

As Balochistan is a very deprived province of Pakistan, the need for NGO’s at its peak. Numerous NGOs are already aware of the problem, and they have started getting registered. However, the main issue that surrounds the NGOs is that they never get exposed to the investors.

Digital Transformation plays the part of concrete facts for all types of organizations, including NGOs. Therefore, it has a mega negative impact on an NGO owner who does not consider the Digitization cycle.

The first Drawback of an NGO not getting digitized is that they are losing huge investments. Why? As we said at the start, there are more mobile devices than people in this whole world. So, every person tends to search on Google by using their internet for the list of places they need to know about. Therefore, the investors who can be beneficial for you may also try to search the things related to what you are offering; they can contact you if you are digitalizing.

The second drawback of not digitizing an NGO is that it never comes out as a professional to other people. Like, an investor who found out your NGO that is not still digitalized will never be going to pay you anything as you haven’t provided them the reasons to do so. Any NGO that has digitalized through a website or social media accounts can show its interest in bringing the change in the society. The investors tend to be the overseas who measure these things before making a final investment decision.

The Third Drawback of not Digitizing an NGO in Balochistan is that no one can get to know about what you are trying to cover in general. Let’s say you have established a physical location; you would invest in the maintenance of the location and doing the local marketing strategies to create billboards and all that. Now, the people living in Balochistan would only get to know about you and the things you are targeting. But, the investor will not get to know about it, and you won’t portray yourself in the right way.


Why do You need to use Digital Tools for an NGO in Balochistan?

Resource development that we are talking about from the start is the main issue apart from other issues that make it important for you to invest in the digitalization of an NGO in Balochistan. A recent survey has concluded that 68% of the NGOs get donations via the web, and 64% get the donations directly online through the websites. Meanwhile, social media is another major Digital tool with a good percentage to grabbing investments.

After looking at such a huge amount of percentages, you must go Digital as it can bring you a huge amount of donation collections for an NGO. How? It can get you to more resources and people, which will let you do the precious work in the deprived areas of Balochistan and establish a good infrastructure for your NGO.


What are the Benefits of Digitizing an NGO in Balochistan?

Offering a Communication Channel:

Whether you want a donor, User, Volunteer, or partner for an NGO, the NGO manager or owner needs to establish a communication channel where people would easily come. So, communication channel development is possible when you are digitalizing the NGO.

Apart from that, the communication channel is also a greater beneficial aspect for the NGO to use as awareness by establishing several types of marketing campaigns for the followers.


Evolves you periodically:

The periodic evolvement is mandatory for an NGO to continue its work in a better way. Well, the periodic evolvement here refers to the situation where you strive to provide better. As you are digitized, you will learn about the challenges and competitive aspects the whole world is working upon. So, it will also push you harder in a positive way to evolve the NGO and become more beneficial for the needy people in Balochistan.



The accessibility may sound familiar to the things we have talked about earlier in the article. However, mentioning it again as an individual is important for you to understand.

When you try to digitize your NGO in Balochistan, several people can read out the main agenda of the NGO along with looking towards the thing that you have done throughout the time. So, it will make it easier for you to provide them with easier accessibility where they get to know about several things.


Increases Donation Chances:

When you digitize your NGO in Balochistan, people will get to know about you globally. In this way, getting the donations will become very easier for you. Apart from that, you can create different links further on, which will also help you out in the best way possible.


How Can You Digitize your NGO in Balochistan?

You know that digitizing an NGO is possible by creating a website or accounts on social media. However, it’s not easier for anyone to go for these options by themselves. Social media accounts are something that anybody creates; however, setting up everything is not that easier. Also, website creation is not easier for a person who is not technical.

Since you have taken the initiative to establish an NGO in Balochistan and work on Digitizing it, you must need the right person to make it happen for you.

In the past, there were no Software Houses in Balochistan because people were not that aware of it. However, time has changed a lot, and now you can easily avail the services of a Software house in Balochistan that can help you digitize your NGO.

JahaSoft is a registered Software Company in Balochistan that provides the services of creating a customized Website for your NGO and providing social media services. Apart from that, JahaSoft has the expertise of offering you the website creation services on multiple development models.

Everything will look after by the JAHASOFT LTD for you, which will include several things to provide a meaningful experience and result orientation. As you are not aware of technology, JahaSoft will go out of the box to guide you about the things and work upon your needs and demands to make it a successful website for your NGO.

The other important thing for getting digitalized is Social media accounts. So, JahaSoft has a lot to offer you through its Social media marketing services. All of your social media accounts are created from scratch, and it ends with a professionally final touch-up. You can run successfully paid campaigns on the Social media channels by getting the Pay per click services of JahaSoft.

Meanwhile, you can interlink the Social media channels and website to digitally grab more people towards your NGO.

In the end, Considering JAHASOFT as an option to digitize your NGO in Balochistan is good as it’s registered with the concerned organization of Balochistan. With JahaSoft, you should not get tensed that the services will be fraudulent for you.

Apart from that, considering JAHASOFT is a good option as it’s established in the heart of Quetta, where you can directly go to do a meeting and make progress for digitizing your NGO.

Meanwhile, it will be considered affordable for you to digitize your NGO through JAHASOFT compared to the other software houses established in other provinces of Pakistan.