JahaSoft has been providing advanced and problem-solving digital services for a long time in Balochistan. Compared to the older times, now, the people of Balochistan can find a Software company in the heart of Quetta city where they can go with the reasons of getting top-notch services that they used to consider from other provinces.


Besides other essential projects, JAHASOFT has recently developed a Website and Android Application solution for a Non-profitable organization named YAD. Youth Association for Development or YAD is working upon various sectors in Balochistan that are not highlighted in the past and have moral and international importance. There are peace-building, Human Rights support, and various other developments with their vital initiatives.


YAD Official Website:

JAHASOFT started providing its services to YAD with a Website that is the core need for any organization to show their work to those who believe in them by investing their money to bring a positive change in society.


With In the Website, JahaSoft has selected a unique color pattern that brings a professional look. Alongside, several categories are included in the website that has different reasons. You want to join the YAD organization; a separate category is created where all the jobs tend to be posted for recruitment purposes. Apart from that, the whole details of the projects completed and the ongoing ones are mentioned in a separate category to provide a report that every investment is spent on the right side.


Suppose anyone has heard about YAD and wants to invest in the organization. In that case, a person must want to know about every person associated with it. Therefore, JAHASOFT has created the whole structure of the employees and the people who work under their supervision. In this way, anyone can get the idea of the list of associated people with the organization.


Like any NGO has a motive to work in society, YAD also has the same thing to push the whole area of work successfully. For that, an individual section is included in the website that will easily get the program area’s details.


Anyone looking to contact the YAD organization will get the email address and contact number on the Website. The address details are also available at the bottom of the website for anyone who wants to visit.


Apart from that, the entire website is developed with the help of advanced technologies and experienced developers of JahaSoft. The website will remain as user-friendly as possible, and there will be no extra load on it, which will negatively affect the user experience.


Android & iOS Application:

As YAD is working on Different Areas of interest in Balochistan, Health is at the top. Recently, JahaSoft has developed an iOS and Android Application for the YAD organization. The app name is Hepatitis Connect, which can help find the Hepatitis center for anyone. Introducing the mobile application in both iOS and Android versions is to let everyone install it on their smartphones and get full benefits from it.


Starting with some basic information of the Application, it was updated on March 15, 2022, with a size of less than 4 MB. Yes, the application is very light in size and can be easily installed and used on any smartphone. However, the android version of smartphones needs to be at least 5.1 or up. The Content included in the application has a 3+ rating.


After you install the Application on your Smartphone, the first thing it will ask you after opening the application is to allow the device location access. Here, you don’t need to worry about anything as device location authorization is for your betterment.


The primary purpose of Hepatitis connects to make you aware of the list of hospitals or other health institutions where you can go for hepatitis treatments. The fantastic thing about this app is that you will get the exact distance details and the address and picture of the center on the mobile screen near your exact location. So, you can easily travel to the nearest center.


It would help to tap on anyone’s Hepatitis center appearing on the screen. After that, you have to click on the blue icon that will automatically take you to the Google map application where your existing location and the Hepatitis Center details will appear. You only need to tap on the start button to begin your journey and reach the location. If you want to search for a location precisely, you can type about them on the search location section. Meanwhile, you will get a drop-down menu feature on the left top side of the screen to read the latest blogs about applications and visit the home section.