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At JahaSoft, we always focus on developing creative and innovative products and services that can be helpful for our customers in providing informational or communicational solutions. In the List of services, we offer Customized Applications, web designing, and development, e-commerce, Managed Hosting plans, Domain Registration, Digital marketing, and many more.

As we are linked with Technology, our top priority is to develop a digital product or service high in quality that can be awesome for anyone of you worldwide. In other words, our tailored-made services for any customer will let their business easily cover the gap and fulfill the needs of others who are coming to them.

We plan everything regarding a project before handing it over to our customers. In other words, you can say that every project that JahaSoft leads will have to undergo with a list of procedures to maintain its quality and long-lastingness.


  • Insight: First of all, we try to understand the whole background like the effect and cause of your project, and try to go through every specific aspect.
  • Analysis: The second important thing is the analysis phase where we try to examine the structure and elements of your company in detail.
  • Brainstorming: We try to put the highest amount of benefits in your project by combining your mind and our expert minds.
  • Designing: In the Designing phase, the real technical work starts where we try to put all the ideas from your side and our side.
  • Development: The Development phase is where all the ideas of the project are transferred from the designing phase into a meaningful development phase. In this procedure, all of our expert developer team members play their important part.
  • Testing: At last, we check the functionalities of the project and ensure that everything is ready to be used without any issues.


Apart from that, we are a reliable Software house based in Balochistan that is registered in Pakistan along with the other countries. We are currently with the list of


Federal Board of Revenue – Government of Pakistan.


Quetta Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Pakistan Software Export Board.


United Kingdom Registered.


Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


Excellence is Our Passion

Jahanzaib Khan


Rehmat Khan


Muhammad Tariq



Based on that, we have marked our footsteps in the heart of the Capital of Balochistan where any of our Balochistan-based customers can easily come and tell their issues to be solved through digital products or services. Apart from that, we are also intended to make our software house qualified enough to handle the issues of customers within Pakistan and different parts of the world to get a better solution. So, we are working on that as well.


  • Whoever is working in our firm, our top priority is to give them the type of work opportunities that are advanced and meaningful, so they could excel better in the industry.
  • We want to give our customers the level of work for their needs that can keep their investment safe and let them work without any issues in the future.
  • We always want to work upon the data exchange and communication to be as improved as possible.
  • We want to keep the information access as secured and easier for our customers.
  • In last, we want to provide good quality services where we can also professionally consult our customers so they would never get stuck to any specific thing in the future.


Its the first priority of JahaSoft members to give the best support to their clients. We are 24/7 available to assist any of our customer services.


We have an advanced professional team members that focuses on quality products & best services.


There is no compromise on providing clients with quality works and fastest product development delivery possible.