Software House in Baluchistan

Software House of Baluchistan

Software House in Baluchistan

Starting a business, Company, or anything else isn’t the same in the current time, just like it used to be in the past. Now, everything is transforming into the digital world; therefore, the need for Digital expertise has taken a boost in the past few years.


If we talk about the current time, every successful business related to any niche would have its offline and online appearance. Therefore, it raises a big question if you are not implementing the same approach.


Baluchistan is the most backward province in whole of Pakistan, where things tend to be adopted in the end compared to other provinces. That’s the major reason things are not flourishing in the right way here, just like in other areas.


But, that doesn’t mean the entire population is following the same footstep. Now, people are getting aware of the online and offline presence to make their attempt in the competition and flourish their businesses in different niches.


When people think about Digitalization, the most important thing that might come to mind is choosing a software house that can pretty much offer the same services. However, the major concern for the people in Baluchistan is choosing a better software house in Baluchistan, which is a daunting task.


Due to the same reasons, people consider the other provinces like Sindh, KPK, and Punjab, where software houses are huge, and they can easily fulfill the needs and demands of a person living in Baluchistan and thinking about getting into a digital world.


It’s a good thing that people in Baluchistan are more into digitalization than following the same traditional mindset of running everything online. However, the only drawback of hiring the software house services of other provinces is that it leads them to pay higher for the same services.


Therefore, it should be mandatory that a software house in Baluchistan be available for the people living in every part of the province to contact and hire them for whatever online services. In the past, there was no reliable or verified software house in Baluchistan. But, now you have the option to select a software house in Baluchistan that can easily fulfill all of your needs and demands without letting you consider the service providers of other provinces.


Why Choose JahaSoft LTD?

JahaSoft is a major brand in software houses in Baluchistan running by Mr. Jahanzaib Khan. He is a Technology guru and found the problem of not having a good software company that can fulfill the needs of people living in Baluchistan. That’s the major driving force that insisted on starting his venture with a group of experienced team members to solve people in Baluchistan in the digital world.


JahaSoft has a huge experience in providing technology solutions to anyone from a little too extreme a larger scale. It means, people with a one-person business team to a much more complex business model can easily approach the company to get a good solution for their problems.


At JahaSoft, the success of the Client is taken as the success of the company. Therefore, anything that comes from our side would have a major purpose and the reason to solve anyone’s problem. We are not like other Fake Gurus in the industry with an online software company, but they hire others to let the task done for someone else. Instead of that, our whole team members sit together to discuss the problems of a single client and try to solve them with an analytical and team-making process. Therefore, the Jahasoft does have its full-fledged physical location based in the heart of Quetta.


Jahasoft is not like the Type of Software house in Baluchistan that only give importance to big clients. Its sole purpose is to bring up real-time benefits to anyone without looking over their background or project worth. In other words, the quality of work will remain for every type of customer.


One major issue that tends to be found with the people of Baluchistan regarding technological advancement for their businesses is the less amount of knowledge. Here, Jahasoft takes pride in one-on-one meetings with the client and ensuring that the client has understood the entire procedure for their business. 


Some of JahaSoft Pakistani and International Clients:

  • NHEI (National Housing Enhancement Initiative).
  • BIDE (Balochistan Industrial Development Evolution).
  • OP (Outsourcing Pakistan).
  • Pak Euroliance.
  • PRES (Pakistan Renewable Energy Solutions).
  • PPCS (Pakistan Philippines Commerce Syndicate).
  • WPM (Why Pay more)
  • SIG (Sagacious Investment Group)
  • PRH (Pakistan Rainwater Harvesting).
  • JVID (Joint venture Investment Schemes).


These are just a few names that we have included here; you will get to know about many others when hiring JahaSoft LTD for the services.


What Are Our Hot Services?

Digital Marketing: In Digital marketing, JahaSoft offers all categories of Services that comes inside, such as Social Media Marketing, PPC, Local SEO, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, etc.


Website and Web Apps Development: In Website development, you will get a top-notch website scheme for your business without any limitation. We are experts in creating better website solutions for every type of industry in Baluchistan, including Schools, Real estate, Malls, Government Offices, etc.


Software development: Whether you have a superstore or brand business, it’s important to keep all of the things organized in one place. For that reason, software’s are the best options available. Luckily, Jahasoft offers top-notch software development services that cater to all categories of businesses.


App Development: Huge amount of people spending their time on the internet uses mobile. Therefore, applications are one major factor to grab the attention of those customers. If you want it for your business or company, then JahaSoft LTD will surely build up an attractive and problem-solving mobile application for you.


What Are our Graphic Services:

Logo and Banner Design: Without a Logo or Banner, websites might not provide their reason for standing online. For that reason, we do offer creative and quality logo and banner design services. Meanwhile, our similar services are available for those clients who need to for their offline brand outlets, superstores, etc.


Studios Services: 

Many people in Baluchistan are affiliated with the entertainment industry. Therefore, they have to shoot several commercial campaigns. However, the only issue is that no proper place is available in the province where a person would easily do it. Meanwhile, people would have to travel to other provinces to let it happen.


Considering these issues, Jahasoft established a studio in his Software house that is based in Quetta. Now, people would consider us for shooting the brand projects, campaigns, or commercials.


Video Editing: To run a campaign for whatever reason, Videos tend to be the main assets. Here, Jahasoft takes pride in offering you Top-notch Video Editing services that will surely attract thousands of customers for you.


Animations: A vital way to achieve online success is possible with the help of Animations. In other words, it’s the best way to communicate with the consumer to sell the products or services. At JahaSoft LTD, you will get the perfect animation services that would help you to provide business information to the customers and increase sales.


Consultancy Services:

If you need an expert who guides you about getting registered with the appropriate authorities, then you can easily contact Jahasoft. Below is the list of consultancy services that we offer to the customer in Baluchistan.

  • SECP Registration.
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration.
  • UK Company Registration:


Other services:

Crypto Currencies: 

Jahasoft deals with the trading of Crypto Currencies. People in Baluchistan want to get into this business. However, there are no good sources available to buy or sell digital currencies easily. AT JahaSoft LTD, you will get the full-fledged services of buying or selling cryptocurrencies.


Payoneer and Paypal Services: Paypal and Payoneer are the two major payment gateways that can easily help you get the amount you earn or want to receive from abroad. However, it’s not that easier to make an account on Paypal or Payoneer due to the restrictions. Here, Jahasoft offers you the services to get your own Paypal or Payoneer account safely to receive or send payments worldwide.


Content Writing: 

Content is like the direct way of communication in an App, Website, or Social media Platforms. Without the content, everything is nothing but space. Also, Content writing is a top-notch skill that isn’t easier to learn by anyone. Due to these reasons, Jahasoft offers content writing services to communicate with your client regarding your services and company easily. Moreover, we write e-books, Blog content, Amazon Affiliate Content, Educational Content, etc.


IT Training:

Finally, we always believe that Technology is one common factor in the current time to establish society. In Balochistan, people are way backward as compared to other provinces of Pakistan. Due to these reasons, we have created our own online paid and free courses where people would easily learn about Website development, Software development, Digital marketing, etc.


How to Contact:

Are you the one who is planning to hire JahaSoft LTD in the Future? If yes, then consider the below contact options.

Email: Info@jahasoft.pk

WhatsApp Number: 0304 8086046