Virtual Office Service in Quetta


If we talk about the past two years, COVID-19 has changed the perception of almost all business people. When there were strict rules for people not to come outside the home, everyone had to work digitally to fulfill the customers’ needs.


The digital working environment was not acceptable for business owners, but they had to make this decision. Surprisingly, the sudden change in the working environment has helped him survive in the darkest times and also helped them save plenty of money.


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In the physical offices, plenty of the things we’re required to manage everything. So, it does require a lot of investments to perfectly manage those tasks. So, apart from thinking about the Covid-19 scenarios, it’s still beneficial to go with a digital or virtual office to fulfill the business’s needs and assist the customers in the best way possible with way minimum investments compared to the physical office.


What is a Virtual Office Service?

Virtual Office Services, or VOC, is a service that any business owner, service provider, or individual can hire. You can also consider it as paying the rent to the service provider every month, where the virtual office will be responsible for performing tasks on your behalf. 


The best thing about taking Virtual office services is that you are not bound to any location at all. The ones offering you the services will be there to assist the customers or visitors. 


The idea of a Virtual office wasn’t new as it seemed. Various companies have been using it since 1994 because of hiring people to answer customers’ calls, Send them emails, and many other things. So, the idea has been in the market for a long time. Still, it has revived better, providing sensational benefits to business owners, service providers, and individuals at the current time.


What are the Benefits of Virtual Office?


First, having a Virtual office service puts less burden on your pockets than having a physical office location. On top of that, you have to pay less for the same prestigious business address that people see online. With this approach, your impression of the customers remains nominal throughout time. Besides that, you can use the saved money on other business finances or services offered to the customers to make it more beneficial and competitive.


Business Support:

With a Virtual office service, you can get nominal business support to help your business succeed. So even when you are busy with family matters or on vacation, you won’t need to be stressed about what’s happening in the back. The virtual office gives all of the support to make the customers satisfied. 


Less Hectic:

Compared to physical offices, Virtual office tends to have less hectic experiences. Why? Because you don’t have to deal with the tenants, there is no need to invest in hardware or pay for the utilities. Instead, you only need to pay the monthly fees to the service providers, who will allocate everything within the services with no hidden charges. 


Who is the Best Virtual Office Service Provider in Quetta?

JAHASOFT LTD is a notable and reliable software company offering software creation, Website development, website management, and various other services to clients in Pakistan and other parts of the world.


It’s established in the heart of the Capital of Balochistan with years of experience in tackling customers’ problems with adequate solutions. With advanced technologies and expert team members, JahaSoft has made a huge name in the Pakistan and overseas market. Therefore, big companies are considering them for software-related services for their businesses. Also, JahaSoft is registered with prestigious departments and provides services transparently.


Apart from the Software house, JahaSoft has also started various other ventures like Real estate, Clothing, and other businesses making a strong impact in the market. Right now, an additional service introduced by JahaSoft is the Virtual Office.


Already two of the UK Based clients are taking the services of JahaSoft for their businesses in just 10,000 PKR individually. The benefits you have read about in the above sections are all included in the JahaSoft Virtual office service.


What JahaSoft Virtual office service offers to the UK Based clients in 10,000? Well, a Landline number facility where the Virtual office is responsible for receiving and calling the customers on business behalf. Mailing address services where the virtual office receives the courier on the business’s behalf and other relevant services. Also, virtual office service provides a daily report to customers related to their business.


Although the clients are from the UK, they own businesses in Balochistan, so Jahasoft offers them a Virtual address so the customers can get a way where all their queries are answered to build their trust.


What are the Monthly Charges for JAHASOFT Virtual Office Service?

Right now, JahaSoft is offering the Virtual office service for just 5,000 PKR per month to businesses based in Balochistan, other provinces of Pakistan, or from any country in the world who are planning to start a business in Balochistan.


In the 5,000 PKR Package, You will get a landline number, which is optional. If you want, you will have to pay additional charges due to the call charges. Mail-receiving services are available in the package where a business can get a virtual address for courier receiving, which is important for the business. 


Apart from that, you will get the email handling service in the virtual office where all your emails are checked by the JahaSoft virtual office services and notify you about it. In this way, none of your clients will have to wait longer for your reply, as it drastically impacts the business’s reputation.


If you are interested in taking the JahaSoft Virtual office services, contact on email Info@jahasoft.pk or the contact number +92 (0304-8086046). Our address is JAHASOFT Next to Pak Unity School near Bareach Colony 87300, Quetta, Balochistan.


It’s not about giving that 5,000 PKR from your pocket, it’s about providing the value to the customers that can escalate your business reputation at the higher level even when you are not physically available to the location and managing everything.

A virtual office service provides businesses with a physical address, phone number, and other services, without requiring a dedicated physical office space.

A virtual office can benefit your business by providing a professional business address, phone number, and administrative services without the cost of a physical office space. It can also improve your business reputation and credibility.

JahaSoft’s virtual office service package includes a landline number facility, mail-receiving services, email handling services, and daily reports related to the business.

Yes, the landline number is included in JahaSoft’s monthly virtual office service package fee of 5,000 PKR.

No, JahaSoft’s virtual office service provides a separate phone number for your business.

Yes, JahaSoft can handle your business email as part of their virtual office service.

JahaSoft’s mail receiving service provides businesses with a virtual mailing address where they can receive courier packages on behalf of the business.

No, it is not necessary to have a physical office to use JahaSoft’s virtual office service.

To sign up for JahaSoft’s virtual office service, you can contact them via email or phone, which are provided on their website.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to JahaSoft’s virtual office service at any time. However, you may be subject to cancellation fees as per the terms and conditions of the service agreement.