Co-Working Space in Quetta

Co-Working Space in Quetta

Co-Working Space in Quetta

Are you the one who is entitled to work on a start-up, or are you a freelancer who is working from a home office but now demands a shared or co-working space in Quetta? If so, then you have come to the right place.


There is no doubt that Hybrid-work or Remote work has become so popular in the past few years. It has become a significant part for many professionals who are willing to live on their terms.


After the speed changes in the technology industry, things have become quite different for professionals worldwide. A person without a proper office-based job can earn money depending on their expertise or skills.


Apart from that, new startups are coming out of the market daily. However, the central issue surrounding the Quetta is that no one is willing to provide a co-working space. The idea is already booming in the other cities of Pakistan, such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and many more.


Why is Co-Working Space Important in Recent Times?

By a bunch of factors, the co-working spaces have continuously risen in the entire world. However, the primary factor associated with most people is the economic advantages. Now, if a person is working on a startup, they would never opt for a fully-fledged office space where they can make sitting arrangements for the employees. Moreover, the startup companies consist of a maximum of 5 to 10 people, which is un-sufficient. In that case, more expense would be generated for the startup companies, which they never afford in the initial stages. A similar case is with the freelancer’s community.


Due to these reasons, the co-working space has become a primary life-saver option for freelancers and startups. At affordable rates, they would get a properly furnished place where they all need to start the work from day one without getting the hassles of internet connection, office desks, and other things.


Who is Offering the Co-Working Space Services in Quetta?

As you have already read about the importance of a Co-Working Space, you are pretty sure why you would need it for yourself. But wait, who is offering the services in Quetta? Let’s discuss it.


JahaSoft LTD, who is one of the leading software houses in Pakistan, established in the heart of Quetta, is the one who is offering you the services of the co-working space. They are the ones who have been working in the software industry for a long time and the one who has made a huge impact on the people of Balochistan, who tends to take the software services from other provinces of Pakistan.


What are the Services Available in the Co-Working Space?

Jahasoft has considered state-of-the-art facilities in their co-working space services for the startups and freelancers in Balochistan. We are going to define each of them in the below sections.


24/7 Electricity:

As you all are aware of the fact that electricity is a major concern in the entire Balochistan. Even with such issues, JahaSoft is honored to provide you hassle-free electricity in the co-working space 24/7. Yes, the concerned technologies are considered in the co-working space that will never interrupt your work routine.


Parking Facility:

Whether you are coming to the Co-working space on bikes or Car, JahaSoft has provided a dedicated parking facility, so you don’t have to worry about your car or bike getting damaged or stolen from the location.


Water and Kitchen:

JahaSoft has set up a fully-furnished Kitchen where you can prepare Coffee, Tea, or any meal depending upon your needs. Alongside, the water facilities are also available 24/7.


Internet Connection:

As you need an Internet connection to work as a startup or Freelancer, you will get the uninterrupted and high-speed internet in the JahaSoft Co-Working space.