Mr. Jahanzaib Khan is a young, talented, and Enthusiastic personality who is the CEO and Founder of JahaSoft Ltd where different businesses and customers come to get a Digital solution.

If we talk specifically about Mr. Khan Journey, he has completed his Matriculation from Quetta. However, he was always passionate about Computers and Technology, so he always wanted to acquire practical knowledge. That’s why instead of thinking to pursue College, he got involved in learning practical skills like Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Development, and many more. Saving his age, he managed to achieve firm theoretical and practical information in these courses that helped him be at this stage.

Being a Young Contender in the Market, Mr. Jahanzaib khan is affiliated with different Successful Business models working on both online and offline modules.

At first, Mr. Jahanzaib khan started with the Blogging Career, where he developed websites based on different niches. Like any individual, he faced a lot of hurdles in the start; however, later on, he managed to develop the secrets that helped him make a handsome amount of earnings.

Later on, he got into the Digital marketing industry along with running a software house, and now he is a well-known Investor. One of his International clients has given him the title of “Investment Consultant Balochistan.”

If we talk about the business Side, Mr. Khan is also affiliated with the Real-estate Business. Yes, he has created a Real Estate Company named “JahaEstate Private Limited” The company is responsible for providing better residential or commercial real estate locations or projects ideas to its customer. Whether you want to construct a full-fledged home or want a furnished one, JahaEstate handles all of your hurdles. Meanwhile, Mr. Khan has introduced Investment consultancy services in the Real Estate Company that is fully helpful for anyone who wants to invest their money in Balochistan. Luckily, JahaEstate has helped not only the people currently living in Balochistan to invest, but it has also helped overseas investors.

The Third Successful Business model that Mr. Khan is running is related to Stitching Company. GYDOT is working on the Online module where a customer doesn’t need to come to the physical location to order their suits for stitching. Mr. Khan was aware of this gap, and he built a prototype where a customer only needs to provide their measurement. The riders would get the delivery, the technical stitching team completes the order, and the suit is delivered to the customer. Surprisingly, the whole process only takes 24 hours. Apart from that, He included reasonable rates for the services, which helped him make a ton of amount from this business module.

Since he has worked hard to learn several Technical skills and even traveled to other cities by paying huge amounts for the Certifications, he realized that it isn’t possible for every person. That’s why Mr. Khan Started an online learning platform with the name JIIT (JahaSoft Institute of Information & Technology). The platform is all about learning Digital skills by sitting in the home generating a huge amount of money in the market. Mr. Khan has introduced several courses on this platform that are paid and free. Also, these courses are related to online marketing, Programming, Video Editing, and many more. In other words, he initiated this idea to establish the youth to learn a skill and start making money from their homes or join a competitive industry.

Let’s specifically talk about Mr. Khan Company “JAHASOFT”. It offers several services like Software Development, Web Design and Development, Android and iOS App Development, Web Applications, Training, and many more. It’s not wrong to say that JahaSoft is the leading software company in Balochistan that offers that many services and a learning environment to the people of the province. Mr. Khan covered this issue very smartly because now people won’t need to go somewhere else to hire Software engineers from other provinces as they can get all of it from here.

Mr. Khan is a personality who always supports Talented persons without checking their financial background or field. Therefore, he also initiated establishing an online platform where he can feature the talented peoples of Balochistan who belong to different industries. The platform name is Quettawaly. All of the efforts you will see on this platform are under the supervision of JAHASOFT LTD and every talented person is a feature on the platform for free. He thought that highlighting the talented people on a well-grown platform would help them get the right leads. The idea has helped a lot of individuals as of now.

Last but not least, Mr. Khan has the enthusiasm for finding unique and historical antique items or objects of the world. Therefore, he has invested a lot of his income on collecting antiques and many other rare items that have a lot of worth. He also created a platform called “CoinBolee” where buyers and sellers would come and do business in the Antique industry. So far, this platform is also working well for him.


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