Real Estate Investment in Baluchistan

Real Estate Investment in Baluchistan

Real Estate Investment in Baluchistan

Most of the people around the world searching to invest in Baluchistan but they are not sure where to invest? How to invest? When to invest?


But, don’t worry. JahaEstate (pvt) LTD helps foreigners to easily make investment in Baluchistan without any hurdle.


Now most of you might have already searched many real estate websites for finding commercial, residential or agriculture land in Baluchistan. But, you were not able to find out best real estate deals and real estate listings.


It’s no coincidence to be very straight forward. People living in Baluchistan are very far from technology use. Even most of the areas are out of Internet.


But, Looking at the real estate of Baluchistan is a gold piece for investors.




Quetta the heart of Baluchistan and the most expensive real estate in Baluchistan is growing like a fire on daily basis.


The real estate of Quetta boomed after 2017 and still growing.


Overview of Balochistan

Balochistan is located in the southwestern part of Pakistan and shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran. The province has a diverse landscape that includes deserts, mountains, and coastal areas. The population of Balochistan is predominantly rural, and the majority of the people rely on agriculture and livestock farming for their livelihood.


The province is rich in natural resources, including gold, copper, coal, and natural gas. Balochistan has the largest reserves of copper and gold in Pakistan, and it is estimated that the province has the potential to produce more than one million barrels of oil per day. The strategic location of Balochistan also makes it an attractive destination for investors.


Investment Opportunities in Balochistan

  1. Mineral and Resource Extraction

Balochistan has a significant potential for mineral and resource extraction. The province has a vast mineral wealth, including copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, and coal. The government of Pakistan is currently inviting foreign investors to invest in the mining sector of Balochistan. The government has taken several initiatives to facilitate the mining industry, including the establishment of a one-window operation to streamline the process of obtaining mining licenses.


  1. Energy Sector

Balochistan has enormous potential in the energy sector, especially in the production of natural gas and solar energy. The province has the largest natural gas reserves in Pakistan, and several international companies have already invested in the gas sector of Balochistan. The government of Pakistan is also encouraging investment in the solar energy sector, and several solar energy projects are already underway in the province.


  1. Agriculture and Livestock Farming

Balochistan is known for its fertile lands and rich agriculture potential. The province has a vast area of cultivable land that is suitable for a variety of crops, including wheat, rice, and fruits. Livestock farming is also an essential part of the economy of Balochistan, and the province has significant potential for investment in the livestock sector.


  1. Infrastructure Development

Balochistan is in dire need of infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, and communication networks. The government of Pakistan is actively encouraging investment in infrastructure development in Balochistan, and several projects are already underway. The province has immense potential for investment in the construction and development sector.


What are the Top Locations in Baluchistan to Invest in 2021?

I myself as an investor and owner of JahaEstate PRIVATE LIMITED have few recommendations and suggestions for investors to target these cities for investment projects.


There are various type of investors that some may invest in commercial real estate. Some may find interest in residential real estate and some may go for agriculture land.


But, looking at the market on the current state, I would prefer the following cities on numbers.


Every investor has different mindset and investments skills. So, I am not a financial advisor but as a local of Quetta. I suggest the following cities for better Return on Investment for foreigners and locals.


  • Quetta
  • Dashtt
  • Mastung
  • Khuzdar
  • Turbat
  • Gawadar
  • Panjgor
  • Lasbella
  • Loralia


I have just names a few top cities to invest. But, an investor may find some good deals in other cities, which are not mentioned here.


How to Invest in Quetta?

Quetta is the most important city for business and transportation and its geo location. Afghanistan and Iran can be accessed easily from Quetta.


Many investors invest in retired properties, what I mean by retired properties is the properties that require renovation.


And, a lot of investors invest in locations that are under-developing or developing.


I would like to give an example here:

Nawa Killi: A real estate in nawa killi was so cheap affordable but once the investors build complexes, plazas the real estate went from nothing to touch sky.

1 square feet if that time worth 1000 rupees now worth above 20,000 rupees.

So, currently. There are other locations like nawa killi that will boom very soon. Like: Eastern Bypass Quetta and Western Bypass and many others.

So, The Question is. How Do People from Abroad Invest in Baluchistan?

In simple words to invest in Baluchistan the investor must have to visit physically the cities that he/she is interest.


Now for an investor from abroad could face thousands of issues. Like; where to stay, how can we check out the real estate deals and so many other questions.


You really don’t need to think about those issues. We at Jaha Estates (pvt) LTD helps you with all these things. You just need to plan your visit and contact us directly on our whatsapp or call us at: +92 3048086046 or Email at Info@jahasoft.pk


Some of the Question an Investor Might Have:

  • What Labor costs for real estate construction?
  • How to we register ourselves with FBR?
  • How to register our organization or company here?
  • Who can arrange us real estate visits?
  • If we liked a property and planning to invest, how do we pay?
  • Where can we get interior designer?
  • How to transfer real estate documents after successful purchase?
  • How can I get IT services? Such as: Web Development, Marketing etc?
  • How can I arrange conference hall?
  • Where to invest?


Well, we will help you with all your concerns, whether you are interested to purchase or not. We would love to assist you anytime with any work.


An investor can start from as low as 10 Lakhs rupees to 1 Crore.


In Dollars it can be $10,000 to $100,000. Once an investor gets comfortable in small investments later he/she can invest in large real estate.


National and International Media Coverage about Baluchistan

Once it comes to Baluchistan the national or international media leaves no other option to downgrade to destroy the reputation of Baluchistan.


Even a small incident is shown like a nuclear bomb blasted on a city. So, always keep in mind what you see on social media isn’t always the truth.


TV New and social media to bring that negativity and their only target is to bring more TRP and money. So, in short! Visit Baluchistan and see with you naked eyes rather than believing this irrelevant news on social media and TV channels.


Why Invest in Baluchistan?

Well, Balochistan is the largest and wealthiest province of Pakistan with thousands of minerals in their land.


Baluchistan has great connections with the neighbors Iran and Afghanistan and easily accessible from Quetta.


Another multi-trillion dollar project Gwadar is taking place that will bring more foreign investments and many foreigners will plan to invest in coming years.


But, Remember One Thing! Start Investing Now. So, You don’t regret it Later. The Prices are Now Cheap it Can Go From Zero to Touch Sky Soon!


Competitive Advantage of Balochistan

  • Availability of Raw Material
  • Coastal Belt and Development of Gwadar Port DeepSee Port
  • Access to Central Asian Countries, Gulf States & other neighbouring countries
  • Hardworking Labour
  • Industrial Zones having all the basic Infrastructure
  • Flexible Government Policies


If you have any sort of question, you can connect with me anytime on my whatsapp or directly on my Facebook Page Links attached below:


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