Free Instagram Comment-Picker and Giveaways Online Tool

Free Instagram Comment-Picker and Giveaways Online Tool

Free Instagram Comment-Picker and Giveaways Online Tool

These days every single Instagram user is planning to improve their followings along with getting the endorsements, Sponsored posts, and brand deals chances on their accounts. In general, there is nothing wrong with it as everybody has the right to get something positive out of social media platforms.


On the other hand, it’s not as easier for an Instagram user who is just landed in the race of improving their followers. Why? Because no one gives a damn to your content when you don’t provide them a meaningful outcome.


Due to these reasons, Comment-picker.com is developed for IG users where anybody who has a sustainable following can host a giveaway contest and select a winner.

Whether you know it or not, giveaways are one of the best ways to grab the attention of like-minded people on your Instagram accounts, which is pretty cheap and effective compared to other types of promotions.


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In the Giveaways procedure, you have to invest the money in the gifts or services that are mentioned on the post where you are planning to host everything.

Genuinely, the giveaways will never disappoint you in any way, which is quite impressive.


What is Comment-Picker?

Comment-Picker is easy to use and free online platform where you will get the tool in the run time to pick a genuine winner for your Instagram account giveaways, contents, or anything else. In other words, it automatically finds the reliable winner for your hosted marketing campaigns where the visitors had to follow some guidelines to win a gift or something else you have promised in the post.


Apart from selecting one Winner out of the Giveaways, the Comment-picker has the option to select multiple winners for the same promotions that are in video or picture format.


The entire Comment-picker website is designed in a way that can be used by any type of Instagram user. Whether you are new to the technical side of social media or an old user, everything is possible for you to do on the Interface of Comment-picker.


The best part about Comment-picker is that you don’t have to put the log-in information to use it. Simply visit the website and do whatever suits you. Therefore, you don’t need to get into the juggling procedures at all is quite interesting.


What are the List of Features Available on Comment-Picker?

As we have said earlier, you don’t have to put the log-in details to use the Online Tool platform. Therefore, the first feature available on the home page of the comment-picker relates to the option. You have to simply copy the Instagram contest or giveaway post and paste the link on the search bar that is available in front of the screen.


After you paste the link on the search bar, the next thing you will see are the individual feature categories and all of them have specific tasks to perform. So, let’s talk about them one by one.


Remove Duplicates: First of all, the Remove duplicates feature will allow the contest host to remove all of the users who are entering the duplicate entries to tackle the giveaway rules and win the contest.


However, the Remove duplicate is like a resistible building block in the entire process to give the chance to the honest and reliable person who is participating in the giveaway or contest.


Winners: Sometimes, you would want to give away something to one person; however, the other moment you are planning to host something big whereas many people can get the chance to win the contest. For that purpose, the Winners feature will surely support in the best way to add up as many people in the contest who are eligible to win.


Tags: The tags feature is included to ensure any guideline that you have prescribed in the contest posts that needs to be in the comment. If anybody has not put the information in their comments, they will automatically remove it from the contest so it becomes easier for the tool to show up the list of persons who have correctly followed the guideline.


Mentions: You would want to increase the reach of the Giveaway or contest post for as many people as possible. Therefore, you must give some guidelines to the people who have to tag other friends into the comment section. Let’s say someone has not tagged their friends and still commenting on the posts, they are not worth it to win the contest.


Therefore, the no of mentions feature will help out to remove those un-worthy people out of the contest to sort out the list of people who are meant to be the right people to win it.


What Should be the Instagram Giveaway Contest Rules?

As you are running a Giveaway campaign, it would be hard for you to get the suggestions of setting up the rules to avoid any sort of miss-behave or tensed type experiences from the website. Therefore, the contest rules needs to be highlighted into the contest or giveaway post.


For that reasons, comment-picker has included some of the features as a contest guideline or rules for all the contest or giveaway hosts to read out and include in their posts. Meanwhile, the idea can be getting from the other contest hosts who have done it in the past and got tremendous outcomes.


Why Comment-Picker is the Best Tool for IG Giveaways or Contests?

First of all, Comment-picker has used advanced technology that helps the users to get one or more than one winner from the comment sections within minutes. Yes, you don’t need to wait for long hours to get a reliable winner.


Everything will appear on the screen for you in less than making a cup of tea, which is pretty good and time-saving.


The second most important thing about comment-picker is that every result that it shows is purely based on fair decisions. The features that are included in the Tool helps to sort out the list of winners who have honestly and correctly followed the instructions and are the ideal ones to win the contest in the end.


The third important thing about Comment-picker is that anything you perform on this platform is safe. Like, the encrypted procedures that are happening around from the visitor’s side on the platform are not accessible for the third party for any wrong usage. That’s something, which most of you loved a lot.


Comment-Picker.com has made sure everything that is happening around on the website will remain free for the visitors. In other words, you don’t have to pay a single penny to the tool providers to perform the comment selection for you, which is amazing.


Apart from that, it’s easier for you to use the comment-picker from any device that has the capabilities to open a website. Yes, we are talking about laptops, PC, smartphones, tablets, iPad, and many more.


Comment-Picker opens effectively on all of the devices without any issues of interface appearance. Everything will open appropriately and you would also use it while walking down the street, driving the car, or sitting in the park with your friends as long as you have sustainable Internet Signals.