List of JahaSoft SAAS Products Developed in 2021

List of JahaSoft SAAS Products Developed in 2021

List of JahaSoft SAAS Products Developed in 2021

JahaSoft LTD as you already know, it’s a software company that facilitates customers world wide whether you want to build a website, mobile application, desktop application, or do marketing for their businesses or services.


So everything is pretty much in the hands of this software company to offer you the best quality and guaranteed results. Therefore, no doubt would ever come into your mind whenever you take any services from the company.


However, there are some products that JahaSoft LTD has developed from Scratch to ease the customers interested in it. Yes, it’s a one-time investment product that can help anyone who wants to start online earning by launching their website. So what are those outstanding products? Let’s discuss them in the below sections.


Top Five Successful Products JahaSoft has Developed in 2021:


1) Ebarcode.io

Ebarcode is a platform that has been designed and developed by Jahasoft for users World Wide. A QR Code Generator Tool allows any business or normal person to transform their data into QR codes for specific needs and demands.


QR code has its benefits when it comes to providing sorted data in a minimum time. Also, other important factors include a better promotion and marketing aspect that relies on the QR code for both service provider and businessman.


In the Past, many QR code generator platforms used to charge a hefty amount of money to transfer a single piece of data into QR code form.


Considering that, JahaSoft got motivated to start a platform where users can easily put their data and transform it into a QR code Form without paying a single penny.


What Are the Features of Ebarcode.io?

In Ebarcode.io, you can easily transfer different types of Data into QR Code Format. The platform Offers different QR Code type services where you can transform the information of YouTube, MP3, PDF, Twitter, Facebook, Location, Wi-Fi, SMS, Email, Text, and Website into QR Code.


The beneficial aspects of these QR code Types are different. You can transfer the whole website domain into a QR code Form to promote the website for various reasons.


Similarly, you can convey a message to someone relevant to your target market audience in the form of Text by converting it to the QR code Format.


Many QR code formations are made for the promotional purposes of a Location, YouTube Channel, PDFs, and many more. Hence, all these things are available right in front of you for free.


How to Convert Data into QR Code Form with Ebarcode.io?

Everything is mentioned on the ebarcode.io to transform the data into QR Code. First, you have to put the URL; however, the other form of data transformation requires additional information. After that, click on the Generate QR button, and you will get the QR code instantly.


Now, Download or embed the QR code depending upon your requirements.


2) Comment-Picker.com

The second Product Developed by Jahasoft is the Instagram Comment picker. Here, the beneficial aspect of this product is for the Influencers or business owners who are running a business account on Instagram. At specific points, you have to market your services or products by hosting the GiveAway sessions.


Typically, giveaways are one of the best ways to promote or do marketing in less amount. However, the outcome or reach of the giveaway tends to be greater, which can bring the best results.


Generally, this type of product comes out in the market a few years ago. However, it was not free for anyone to use due to the cost of the developer’s mechanism to make it valuable and convenient for the user. Therefore, every person has to pay some amount.


JahaSoft found the gap that many Instagram users don’t have enough to invest in these services. Also, few users have to pay the amount from their pockets due to the less amount giveaways, which didn’t fulfill their promotional requirements. Considering that, Jahasoft has taken the initiative to launch this platform and provide the services for free.


When you open Comment-picker.com, it will show a home page where you can easily set up the Give-away requirements as per your needs to find out the winner for the Giveaway Campaign For free.


What Are the Features of Comment-Picker?

Comment-picker comes with four features in the Tool, including no. of mentions, Tags, Winners, and Remove Duplicates. All these features have some reasons to be included in the Platform to make it easier for the user to find out the Giveaway winner for themselves.


No of mentions: Based on your mentions rules for the giveaways, this feature will only sort out the list of contestants who have put the right amount of mentions. Anybody who has not to follow the rule will be kicked out of the Competition.


Hashtags: Hashtags are good for improving the reach power of Instagram posts. You may set a preferable hashtag for the Giveaway post, so here, you can put those hashtags and filter the users who have violated the rules by putting wrong hashtags.


Winner: You may need one or more than one winner for the giveaway campaign. Therefore, setting up the list of winners is easy for you by specifying the numbers in this feature. It will only provide the details of contestants who have fairly win the giveaway.


Remove Duplicates: The remove duplicate option will restrict all those accounts from the list of winners who have excessive did comment into the Giveaway Post with the same account.


How to perform Giveaway with Comment-picker.com?

You need to put the Link of the Giveaway on to the specified bar. Now, set up the list of features as per your needs, and press the start button.


It will start to select one or as many as you specified on the list winners it will randomly select one of the comment on Instagram Post.


For Desktop Users, Please install the Chrome Plugin to perform this task.


Install: Comment-Picker Plugin


3) AllOnlineConverter.com

Allonlineconverter.com is an online video downloading tool that Jahasoft develops. The primary purpose of bringing this tool is to help every user download videos without paying a single amount of money.


Besides that, Jahasoft also realized that downloading videos in the old times was not easy. Users have to wait longer to download any video. Also, there were only a few platforms supported by the past to download a video on the PC or laptop.


Jahasoft realized that it has a significant issue that needs to be resolved. Therefore, Allonlineconverter was founded to help users download more than 50 social media sites videos on one platform. Yes, you can easily download the videos of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Vevo, daily motion, and many other platform’s videos from this platform. Also, you don’t have to pay a single penny for that as well.


The primary reason for using Allonlineconverter for you is to get high-quality videos in a minimum time.


Furthermore, the website’s speed is outstanding that can help you download any size of the video in minutes.


Therefore, the use of Allonlineconverter would be an amazing option for you.


Features of Allonlineconverter.com:

Allonlineconverter comes with very easy-to-use features. In general, they are providing 40+ social sites video downloading facilities. However, you can use the features in the same way for all types of sites.


After getting into the home page of this platform, you will see a box with “Place your video link here” type instruction. Then, all you need is to paste the link to the video that you want to download. Now, click on the download button to begin the process.


How to Use allonlineconverter.com to download videos?

First of all, check out the list of Social media sites this platform provides the best services for. After checking out the site, open the Site and copy the link of the video you want to convert.


Now, go to the official website of allonlineconverter and paste the video link into the box mentioned on the home page.


Now, click on the download option, and it will start the download process for you. After few seconds, you will see the save video option; now, click on the option to save the video.


4) ConvertOnlineFiles

Convert Online Files is a fantastic platform that Jahasoft has introduced. The user can easily convert the list of content forms like Videos, Audio, Images, and many more things into their desired format. The best part about this tool website is that all of the facilities are free for you. Yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny for any service taken from this website.


In general, It’s the major project that has started by Jahasoft.pk from scratch. Therefore, considering this tool for your desires would bring you many outcomes and reasons to perform the things without any hurdles.


The primary reason for creating this platform is to bring easiness to the life of users who are messed up with the hard procedures of converting the video, audio, or images into their desired formats. With that perspective, the CEO of Jahasoft.pk called up a meeting with his experienced Team members of developers and designers to build this platform.


The team has worked deliberately harder to create this project in the best way. Not only that but, they have used all of the advanced technologies that can keep every detail as secure as possible for the users.


In other words, every data put on this platform will never be accessed by any third party; even the members of Convert Online Files wouldn’t access it at any cost.


Features of Convert Online Files:

If we generally Talk about Converters, you will get 9 different categories to convert using this platform, such as Webservice, Video, PDF, Image, EBook, Document, Device, Audio, and Archive. For all these categories, you will get the list of conversion options appropriate and required for you. Of course, for every category, the options would be slightly different. However, the method of conversion is pretty the same for each type.


Besides that, it also has other tools available for the users. Like, you can easily compress the Size of Videos, Images, and documents by using this tool, which is an additional bonus for you.


How to use Convert Online Files?

All you need is to visit the official site and check out the list of conversion features available. Then, considering your type of feature, you can upload the file and click on the Go Option.


Now, wait for a moment until the file gets converted. Then, when it’s completed, click on the download button to save it to the device.


5) JS Image Compressor (WP Plugin)

JS Image Compressor is not a platform but an open-source software designed by the high-quality Developers of Jahasoft for the easiness of users who want to compress the Images of PNG or JPEG.


The best thing about JS Image Compressor is that you can easily compress the files for up to 90% of their actual size as fast as possible. Apart from that, the JS image compressor can easily compress any format of the image.


You can use it as a plugin in your website where pictures need to be used for conveying messages or for branding purposes. Usually, website images with large dimensions tend to put a burden on the speed of the website.


Therefore, its compression is required for the website to load early, and the user would not bounce back to another site. In other words, better website speed can build up the interaction of a user towards your website.


Also, less data consumption has its other important benefits for the website, which also needs to be highlighted.


JahaSoft create this plug-in is after getting the request from various classified websites users who were constantly facing speed and loading issues on their website.


Even there are many plugins available, but none of them were giving satisfactory results. That’s why Jahasoft created this plugin, and the customers who have brought this plug-in to their website are now happy and satisfied.


Features of JS Image Compressor:

You can get the features of compressing whatever type of Image format depending upon your needs. However, as it’s a plugin, you have to use it on the website to bring it to a working stage. On the other hand, another major feature of this plug-in is that it can easily compress the image up to 90%.


How to use JS Image Compressor?

You can use the JS Image compressor by downloading this plug-in into your system and uploading it on the WordPress plug-in section. Later, you can activate it to get the actual benefits.


How to Get These Products?

Buy From Codester:

Codester is a well-known platform where you can easily Buy the Plugins, App Templates, themes, and PHP Scripts to Create Applications and Websites for various uses.


If you want to buy any products, you can easily hover to the Codester Platform and Get Jahasoft Script Codes for every product mentioned in the above portion, including one plug-in, which will also be available for you on the platform.


According to the prices, Jahasoft.pk has created all of the Products on their own. Therefore, a considerable amount of investment has been made to develop it. Still, Jahasoft.pk is selling the scrip of the products and a plug-in at affordable rates. So, below are the rates of the list of products and plugins.

  • QR code generator Script ($250).
  • Instagram Comment Picker ($100).
  • JS Image Compressor WordPress Plugin ($5).
  • All in one File converter Python Script ($679).

If you want to purchase any of the scripts or plugins from Codester, go to this link https://www.codester.com/JahaSoft.

Direct Buy (With Discount):

One way of purchasing the Scripts and the plug-in is codester, but, Jahasoft.pk also sells the Scripts and plug-in with a massive discount to the customers who directly contact them on the numbers (+92 03048086046) (+44 7704 439586).


JahaSoft provides discounts on a direct purchase because Codester charges some amount for providing the platform to a user to sell their scrips or Plugins.


However, with the direct method, those requirements are not required, so it will benefit the customer to buy it directly and avail the discount. Otherwise, it’s also an excellent option to buy from Codester.


Why should you Buy the Script?

In general, these scripts are a good way for any person who wants to start earning online. In the past, online users have to create a whole blog website to do affiliate marketing or make from primary other monetization methods like Google Ads.


These are the best ways to earn money; however, the best ways come with hard work. You have to invest a lot of money to create content and still can’t get better results if you don’t have enough marketing or ideas about the marketing strategies.


Also, investing in content creation and other marketing procedures is constant to acquire some return on the investment.


On the other hand, purchasing these scripts and creating your website based on Video Downloading, Conversion, or anything else that we have mentioned above will get you more money.


People require converting their files or downloading videos from online resources; hence, one-time investment for the script and slight investments in marketing can help you start a good stream of income online.


Why You Should Buy Scripts from JahaSoft?

As said earlier, Jahasoft.pk is a well-known software house providing Website development, App Development, Desktop Apps, Digital marketing, Graphic designing, and many other services to customers throughout Pakistan and other countries. Therefore, they are the better person whom anyone can blindly believe in buying these scripts.


We have a whole team of experienced developers, designers, and expert teams, who are market competitive. They have invested their time and skills to create all of the scripts that can provide ease to users who want to use it for free by accessing the above website links.


However, those who want to buy these scripts and start their Tool platform to earn money can also use them without hesitation.


Moreover, any issues that occurred in the tool can also resolve by the team for you. Meanwhile, the advanced functionalities used in these scripts make it a competitive tool for anyone.