Video Editor Job in Quetta

Video Editor Job in Quetta

Video Editor Job in Quetta

JahaSoft is looking for a well-organized video editor for their recent and up-coming projects. The main focus of JahaSoft is to work with the field professionals as a team to decrease un-employment and better opportunities for the people of Quetta.

Following are the things that JahaSoft requires from you which will be the key-feature for your Job Acceptance:

  • JahaSoft is looking for a video editor that can work in pressure and has to be fully motivated toward his/her work.
  • As a video editor their might be different tasks that you have to complete in a given time, Tasks includes the video editing as we are planning to do video tutorials for students that may help them. So you have to be aware for the video editing that can survive online and also you have to produce videos for internal and external purposes.
  • As you should know about the video communication power that plays an important role online platforms to discover any message. So you should meet the quality requirements too.
  • You have to be able to capture the professional studio-quality videos and images too.
  • You have to be up-to-date with the new technologies and software and have a fully grip on it as the world is fully changing and we needs a person who can adjust quickly with the trend.
  • You have to be perfect and complete the requirements, if the client gives a raw material like camera footage, dialogue any sound effect graphics and special effects. You have to complete it at any situation.

Your position will be successful for our company but in return we needs you to be fully professional and if you fulfil these tasks just feel free to meet. The last thing we want to tell you that your degree does not matter to us we only prefer skilled personalities so apply without any hesitation.

Our physical location is in Satellite town, Block #3, Kalat road Quetta, Balochistan.

If you truly are interested to make change and get more and do more, you simply need to call us, Jahasoft is here to help you out anytime. Call Us Now: 03048086046

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