Islamic Madrasa website development in Quetta

Islamic Madrasa Website Development in Quetta Islamic Madrasa Development in Quetta Islamic Madrasa Website

Islamic Madrasa website development in Quetta

Islamic teaching is one of the best things that every person needs to learn about. There are a lot of places a person can learn Islamic teachings but there has to be a website through which a person who is disable or have any other problems can easily learns.

The time has been changed as the people usually get the information mostly at the internet and if you are able to generate your own website for Madrasa then you can give back to the Muslim community a lot by teaching them online through e-learning videos and through other guidance and for that a website is totally preferable.

There are some benefits of Website for Islamic Madrasa:

  • You can generate a website for your madrasa and open admissions for different online Islamic courses.
  • You can put a brief information about your madrasa with a proper images and details about the available Aalim-e-deen so it will help the person who needs to study Islamic teaching.
  • Add an about us section on which you can add all the details of your madrasa like when did you start the madrasa and all the accomplishment you had received during the time periods.
  • You can provide courses for males and females individually.
  • You can teach the male students Online on HIFZ classes, Taharat classes, Namaz courses, teach them Quran with Tajweed, teach them all the necessary courses to male.
  • You can teach females through your madrasa websites online on different courses.
  • You can include fees for each course and earns too.
  • You can also put details for donation if any one wants to donate you.

If you are planning to make a website for your madrasa then you have come to the right place because Jaha Soft a software company in Quetta will help you with its high skilled services. Our physical location is in Satellite town,Block #3 Kalat road Quetta, Balochistan.

JahaSoft location is in Satellite town, Block # 3, Kalat road Quetta, Balochistan.

If you truly are interested to make change and get more and do more, you simply need to call us, Jahasoft is here to help you out anytime. Call Us Now: 03048086046

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