JahaSoft Has Launched a QR Code Generator & Scanner App [FREE]

JahaSoft Has Launched a QR Code Generator & Scanner App [FREE]

JahaSoft Has Launched a QR Code Generator & Scanner App [FREE]

JahaSoft is a well-known Software house based in Quetta but provides Services to clients living in other parts of Baluchistan, Pakistan, and the whole world.

It would be not wrong to say that JahaSoft is one of the few Software Companies in Entire Balochistan that have made many names and reliability among its users. Despite the underprivileged situations and fewer opportunities, the software house has maintained its standards in helping other individuals, business owners, or product owners.

They have been offering services in digital and traditional ways to everyone.

The Software house comes up with new services for the users that will be for free. Yes, it’s about QR code technology, which is booming worldwide due to its convenience and instant use.


What is EbarCode.io?

EbarCode.io is the platform that was developed and designed by JahaSoft.Pk from scratch. The platform contains a lot of options for the users to scan or Create QR codes for their personal needs.

At first, Jahasoft.PK has developed an advanced solution for mobile users by offering the ebarcode.io app. Barcode app is basically for those who are not active on laptops and PCs all the time, and it would be hard for them to use it in places where carrying these gadgets are impossible.

For that reason, the Barcode app is launched where both the creation and scanning of QR codes are possible. Apart from scanning and generating the QR codes and bar codes, the app will help you save the QR and bar Codes in the history, so you can easily use them in the future whenever necessary for you.

The size of the Barcode app is only 5MB, and it comes with the easiest options that can help a person easily do the scanning and generation of the QR and bar codes. Besides that, many other things are available on its application, which would be easier for you to understand after using it for the first time on your mobile phone.

Right now, the Application is only available for android mobile users. However, it might be available for iOS users as well, depending upon the customers’ needs. Everything will update with the period based on user experience and requirements. Apart from that, you can easily install the android app of Ebarcode on an android phone that comes with version 5.0 or above.


How to Install Barcode App on Your Mobile Phone?

All you need is to follow the above device requirements and then type in Ebarcode on the android search bar. From there, you can easily get the details of the app. Else, you have the option to follow the link directly from here to start the installation process. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jahasoft.ebarcode

Whether you are a new or advanced user, the steps to download the Ebarcode app are not hard. Meanwhile, if you wish to use the QR and bar code Generator and scanner on your laptop or PC, you would better hover on to the official platform website.