If we talk about Baluchistan, thinking about a Software development company wasn’t a usual thing at all. Not every person in this province had the idea of technology and all the other advancements that are helping out businesses, government departments, and other professional sectors.


The ones who had the idea of the adopting technologies for their business, institutions, or other sector used to hire the experts from the other provinces of Pakistan. Therefore, huge investments have to be made on the features and other technologies. Meanwhile, the businesses had to go other provinces for the purpose of software deployment or they pay for the travelling costs of the experts who would come here for the deployment purposes.


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In that scenario, JAHASOFT LTD comes up with a new hope for the industrial society of Balochistan who want their business to implement the technological advancements on it.  As the society has zero to very rare knowledge of the software’s, it was a riskier situation for jahasoft.pk to offer their services. Since other provinces have hundreds of customers who are asking them for software creation, such kind of customer base wasn’t available in Quetta.


Being in such a tough scenario; JAHASOFT didn’t get back and continued to provide its services along with guiding the business, institution, and other sector of Balochistan to use technology that can provide easiness and efficiency in their tasks.


Luckily, JahaSoft made it a successful aspect as a software development company in Balochistan who has hundreds of clients not only in Balochistan, but customers from different areas of Pakistan and other countries also showed interest to use JahaSoft as their software development company.



Prestigious awards are an online platform that recognizes start-ups and medium sized business from different continents and list them in their platform to provide support to the businesses. Depending upon the past 12 months performances of the Businesses, the selection team members of this platform deeply analyse the performances of the businesses and give them the awards. The platform is providing these services for the past 16 years and their recognition has helped a lot of the businesses to be on the top position in the world right now.


The businesses who get on top in their awards list gets exposure internationally and they can use their listing in their own website to make themselves more reliable business or service providers for new customers. In other words, it brings multiple benefits for the business owners in the future.


After you get into the prestigious awards platform, they have created an individual section with the name prestigious awards. You can click on that section and it will show you a drop-down menu where every continent section for the visitors that you can click depending upon your needs. Meanwhile, the platform is affiliated with different market experts who create quality content for the platform that brings value for the readers.



JahaSoft has achieved the milestone of getting recognized internationally after shortlisted in the Asia prestigious awards 2022/2023. After competing hundreds of software development companies in Asia, Jahasoft not only shortlisted but become the winner of this award in the Asian region for the software development company of the year 2022/23.


Jahasoft has come up to this position with a lot of hard work and dedication put on providing the services, which have become beneficial for national and international customers around the world.


Jahasoft recently got an email from the Team member where they have also invited JahaSoft Ltd CEO and owner Mr. Jahanzaib Khan to attend the award function and meet & greet in Dubai. Meanwhile, the CEO is also invited to come in the UK for the future regional events.


Being a young fellow and belonging from the Province Balochistan, it’s an outstanding achievement for the JahaSoft Ltd. Hopefully the support and appreciation Jahasoft.pk has got in the Asia prestigious awards will unlock the doors for other newly start-ups of Balochistan can get motivation and the reason to begin its services and talent by living inside Balochistan without going to other provinces.


Just like JahaSoft has proved that talent and hardwork has no boundaries despite you have zero investment in pockets. All you need is a vision and motivation to begin what you want to achieve. A push to yourself will definitely get you achieves the success. Although there are hardships come along the way, but you will get stronger and better by passing on the hurdles. It’s the same rule for Jahasoft who have faced a lot of the hurdles in the journey but pass on the journey with motivation and talent. And now, it’s at the top of the list and customers from different regions of the world are taking their services.




Web/ Desktop Software Designing and Development:

Whether you want a Website or Desktop Designing and development services, Jahasoft has a talented and experienced Designing and development team members who can provide you outstanding designing and development services for your business and services. Everything is analyzed from scratch to the ending process where the involvement and ideas of customers are also considered. Everything will be customizable and you can also ask for changes in the future depending upon your needs. On top of that, our services are available for every category of businesses, services, and Product owners.


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Digital marketing is the major need for businesses that have launched themselves online or the ones who were running physical locations and are now turned to online industry. Without Digital marketing, no one can get sales and online presence at all. At Jahasoft.pk, you will get all of the Digital marketing services including SEO (Search engine optimization), Google Ads, Social media marketing, Social media Ads, and many other things that come inside it. So, you can also visit Jahasoft.pk to make a meaningful and successful online presence.


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If you want to Build an online presence as service provider, businessman/women, or product owner, you need to create a website. But, creating the website is not the only thing that let others to know about you. The visibility of the website is also important for you so anyone can type about your business, services, or product website and it will appear on the google result. For that, the webhosting and domain registration is important. Jahasoft.pk provides you reliable web hosting platforms where you can easily set up the website. Alongside, you can get domain registration services too. Both services will be offered at reasonable prices and also the team support will be provided to you so you would not face any hurdles if anything is going wrong with the website.